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Welcome to Petite-Nadia newly designed web site. Petite-Nadia is one of the realistic miniatures accessories, handcrafted in the highly collectible antique dolls in 1 12 scale. Each item is individually designed and crafted, and as far as possible, each one is different.

Petite-Nadia is currently focussing on creating ladies clothing and accessories, miniature rooms and counter shoppes in offering an extensive range of lady's accessories such as vintage dollhouse clothes, shoes, boots, purses, jewerly and other wide variety of lady's accessories that reflect the passion of the miniaturist Nadia Fadil for the Victorian Era.

Each of the handcrafted item is a one-of-a-kind original -- no two are ever exactly alike. Because each item - including limited editions - is individually made and assembled, there are always slight variations in design, shape, color, size and arrangement … making each one unique and ideal for the serious collectors looking for that 'something different'.

While Petite-Nadia's business has grown enormously in the past few years, the miniaturist Nadia Fadil always maintains personal relationships with her customers – assuring they are happy with their purchases and service. In turn, her customers are very loyal, returning frequently to discover new realistic miniatures for their dollhouse collections that will give pleasure for years ahead.

Petite-Nadia is really pleased with the results and hopes you think so too. all the items are available via e-mail order through the website and on e-bay.

Commissions are a speciality and you are welcome with your special requests, simply send an email to discuss your requirements.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! Nadia

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