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Recent works of fashionable accessories for the tiniest lady in your house!

My miniature works are made in 1/12" scale.

I use for my shoes very thin antique leather, some shoes are made from antique velvet, silk fabrics or antique lace. I decorate my shoes with different tiny accessories to make different shoe styles. Each sole and each heel is individually molded and carved.

Each item of jewelry, vanity accessories is hand crafted. As being so tiny, each item take much time and attention to be achieved. Some items are made from steel, some are created from antique or vintage tiny pieces and some are made out of oven clay. Boxes and displays are individually crafted and shaped.

Clothes are made from antique and vintage materials and are inspired from the Victorian Era. You may find variety of works such as dresses, hats, corsets, underwears and others. My collection is kind of perfect workmanship up to the smallest detail, Artisan hand made, perfectly finished. I believe you'll find it very different from most dollhouse accessories both online and off.

All my new items may be available through my eBay account. I make every effort to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Most items will be shipped to you within 2 days. All Weekend orders will be processed the next business day. We will first email you to acknowledge your order and will then email you a second time, when the order is shipped.

unique miniatures

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