Victorian Miniatures By Nadia

Welcome to my mini world. My name is Nadia Fadil Alimi. I live in New York and create doll house realistic miniatures, especially 1:12th scale vintage lady's costume and accessories, including hats, shoes, boots, fans, bags, corsets and others that are collectibles by serious dollhouse collectors. Each item is unique, and inspired by the careful attention to detail the elegance of Victorian era.

I have always been a ‘maker’ since age of eight, and this provided me with a solid foundation of sound skills and professional working practice - most importantly, a thorough grounding in hand work. susan harmon It was in 2005 that I discovered dollhouse collectibles store in New York. I was totally captivated by the collection of the realistic miniature furniture, dolls and accessories, and mostly by Victorian miniatures. I was hooked. And as being always creative, I tried to make a doll house dress with a matching hat in Victorian style. I loved the items and kept making more and more realistic miniatures including shoes, jewelry, vanity items and more. And since that time, I am still not bored at creating as everyday I discover new ideas and new techniques. My works have been sold in local stores and may now be available through

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After I succeeded at eBay, I decided to get my own space through the internet. To get into my story how I created my website, click here

I have spent years experimenting with different materials and techniques to make my miniatures better and more realistic. As my interest in miniatures developed, my realistic miniature accessories are required by serious collectors.

It is a happy thing when one can find a hobby in his/her busy life. Making miniatures can refine temperament, and also is a good way to reduce the day pressure.

I draw most of the items myself. Quality and attention to detail is important to me and I work hard to make sure that this is evident in all of my works. My passion for history, fashion, old costumes, painters and traditions is my main source of inspiration for my creations. Wherever possible, I use original vintage material and antique things that are perfect for the victorian era creations.

I have met so many wonderful people through miniatures. I believe that it's funny how love for small things breaks international boundries and shows that people really aren't that different after all.

I thank all the international collectors for including my doll house miniatures in their collections.


For more information, do please contact me here.

Thank you and best wishes


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